YOU are normal!

normal-235x300The past couple of days I  helped a mom delcutter some areas in her home. These areas are some of the hardest to tame because they are used daily by multiple people (pantry, laundry room, and the bonus room) During this time I was reminded of something that I have noticed over the years when working with clients and honestly I have even heard comments like this from friends, “I bet you don’t have messy closets like this” “I bet you don’t save things like this” “Have you ever helped someone like me?” “I bet you don’t shop at Target” These comments don’t hurt my feelings they only make me realize just how hard we are on ourselves. Myself included.

I did not start a professional organizing business because I have all the answers. I started my business because I wanted to help others live with less clutter. It does not mean that I don’t have clutter and yes, I shop at Target.

What I have learned over the years from you and from my own experience is that we are always comparing our lives, our bodies, our homes, and so on and so forth. I believe that we do these things because we just want to know that we are “normal”. What is “normal” though? When we start questioning “Am I normal” “Is this normal”. We often feel like no one understands and no else has problems. Do you ever find yourself feeling like this?

Well I don’t know what “normal” is because my “normal” is not your “normal.” What I do know is that if we all focused on ourselves and what we can control, I think we all would have a lot less stress.
I know this is easier said than done. So cliché’

What I can tell you is that your neighbor that you’ve been wondering if  her closets are  yours? The answer is does it matter? Don’t compare yourself to anyone but YOU! Change the things you can change. Work on the things that are going to make a difference in YOUR life. Don’t worry about someone else’s “normal.” Their “normal” may not be as good as your “normal.” Remember: the grass is NOT always greener. It is only green where you water it.

How do I know YOU are “normal” and I am “normal?”  Well, because we all have the same daily struggles we just deal with our struggles or in some cases don’ deal with the struggles. We all have  to get dinner on the table. We all have piles of laundry. We all question ourselves and our decisions and whether they are right or wrong. We all have nights where we go to bed wondering if we yelled at our kids too much that day. We all go to bed at night wondering all the same things. yes. Your friend, neighbor, relative, boss have the same thoughts, questions just like you.  We are all trying to do the best that we can. That is all any of us know. Life does not come with a handbook. We have to figure it out as we go. We will make mistakes. We are doing it right. We are “normal.”

Imagine if we stopped judging. Stopped assuming. Stopped comparing.

What if it were that easy?

Just my two sense,

The Surprise Package!

Happy May! I hope this post finds you well. In my home we are winding down spring baseball and gearing up for the summer. We are a busy household, but this Spring was extra busy with some unexpected added events and happenings. How about you? What have you been up to?

Recently, I made a visit back to where I grew up to spend some time with my best friend from childhood who was recently diagnosed with Stage IV Brain Cancer. A benefit dinner was planned to help raise money to help cover any expenses not covered by her Insurance. While I was away, my husband let me know that we had received boxes from Tupperware. I said boxes as in more than one? And he said, yes, and they are big boxes! I thought to myself, I wonder what could be in them? He said I wasn’t going to believe it until I saw them with my own eyes. I could tell that he was just as curious as I was. I wasn’t due back home for a few more days so he gave into the temptation and opened a box to find all kinds of Tupperware items, there were some wrapped boxes as well. Upon returning home after a long 12 hour drive it was a nice surprise to come home to boxes of goodies! My husband was right, I could not get over the boxes. I was in complete awe over what I was opening.
I just sat there on the couch wondering why? I didn’t understand?
Ladies Home Journal had featured my family in their February Issue for our Valentine’s Day Fondue tradition. You can read it here:

Ladies’ Home Journal

Tupperware had contacted Ladies Home Journal and asked them if they could send me something. I wasn’t really sure why they wanted to send me something and I was curious as to what they wanted to send? I was so overwhelmed until I finally found a handwritten note from Elinor Steele, Vice President of Global Communications and Public Relations that said “we at Tupperware loved your family’s creative idea for Valentine’s Day dinner, so we hope you can enjoy this variety of products to help you continue your tradition!”

I then figured it out. On the table, pictured in the article was a Tupperware item that we used for our dessert fondue – it was their white serving center piece. I have had this piece for many years and we have always used it for our fondue tradition!

Here is a picture of the items were sent to us by Tupperware:

1. Ice Prisms Pitcher and Tumblers (These are going to be great to use on our porch when Hubby and I enjoy porch drinks and appetizers)
2. Ice Prisms Plates
3. Chip and Dip Set
4. Kitchen Prep Set (Look how nicely organized this set is!)
5. Chef Series Pro Starter Knife Set (Hubby is very happy over these)
6. Mix and Store Pitcher (This will be very handy when making pancakes on the weekends when we don’t use all the batter)
7. A set of Midgets (Think of all the fun things you can organize and use with these)
8. A new Serving Center Set (Look how pretty it will look hosting out next Valentine’s Day Fondue)
9. Thatsa bowl (This will be great for so many things but I can see my son who is a popcorn fanatic using it for his daily popcorn)
10. Chef Series Stainless Steel Frying Pan with Cover (This is one of our favorites, it is absolutely gorgeous and it is so nice, I don’t want to use it!
11. Chef Series Stainless Steel Stock Pot Set (Another favorite and it is just gorgeous!)
12. Eco Water Bottles by Tupperware (These will be very handy for the boys)
13. Modular Mates Storage (Love anything that will help my pantry stay organized)
14. Onion Keeper (cute way to store those onions and help keep the odor under control)
15. Saucy Silicone Spatula (there were a couple of these and who couldn’t use more spatulas?)
16. Quick Chef (This is a food processor and I am looking forward to trying this out to save time in the kitchen)
17. Whip ‘N Prep (this will come in handy when making scrambled eggs and since I buy 3 dozen at a time you can see why)
18. pie press and empanada maker (will be very handy at Thanksgiving time for those pies!)
19. Chop and Prep (This will be handy when making salads)
20. Silicone Wonder Mat (Yum can you say homemade cookies, I can taste, I mean smell them now)

You can now pick your jaw up off the floor like we did over all of this! Can you believe how generous Tupperware is? I can see sending me a new serving center, but all of this? There were some items that are not listed on here because I could not figure out what they were and could not locate them on the website for a description.
In a Thank you note, I mentioned to them that I feel guilty accepting all of this new stuff when there are families in my North Carolina community that have lost their homes due to the recent tornados.

I feel bad that it took me a bit to get this post done. After being out of town and having to come back and get caught up, it seems like all I have been doing the past couple of weeks is writing Thank You notes for all the donations, to those that have helped and supported the fundraising, as well as my own personal thank you’s! I was also a bit overwhelmed with ALL of the gifts. I was not really sure where I was going to put it all, so it sat in the dining room until I had some time to go through it all and figure out what it was and where it was going to go! Do you have any of these items? If so, how do you use them? Would love to hear feedback!

A BIG shout out to everyone at Tupperware ~Thank you for being a Company that reaches out in kindness to others, by sharing your products. They obviously stand by who they are and what they represent. That speaks volumes!

I was not paid by Tupperware for these comments, these are my own opinions.

I would also like to thank all of those at Ladies Home Journal for sharing our family Valentine Tradition. I had no idea what that article was going to lead to.

Michelle Monroe Morton and family