7 Snow Day Sanity Savers


I live in the south so snow days are like winning the lottery for my boys! My husband and I both grew up in upstate New York as in the Adirondacks and snow days for us did not come as easy as they do for our boys! You just mention the word and schools close. 

I don’t mind snow days ONCE in a while (LOL!) I have three boys, two of them are in high school and follow the traditional school calendar and my youngest is in his last year of elementary and he is on year round calendar, which means he is in school for 9 weeks and then gets three weeks off. We are used to year round schedule as they have been doing it for 7 years now. The downside to having two different school calendars is that it seems like my boys are never in school! Like this year for example, they were all on Christmas break at the same time. Then they all went back to school at the same time. Then just a couple of weeks after that my older two had finals for their first semester classes – they do block scheduling here at the High School so it is like following college classes – so during finals they only went for two half days which were on a Monday and Tuesday so then they were off from Wednesday to the following Wednesday which meant my teens were home for almost a week! Then their first day back they had a 2 hour delay because of the cold. My youngest son is still in school at this time but he stayed home as he was not feeling well. Then he went back to school for one day and then started his three week track out. Then this week he is still tracked out but the older two had a snow day the other day and again today and who knows about tomorrow! What I can tell you is that it almost feels like summer vacation but without all the nice weather.

In the South we do prepare for these so called “snow storms” because you never know what will happen which means even if there is only 2 inches on the ground, you might not be able to drive anywhere because they do not take care of the roads here and I worry about the drivers who have no experience driving in snow and if you live in the north you know what I mean. So it is best to stay put if you can. So I like to prepare myself for “worst case scenario” with a little less “worst” in that scenario.

Here are some of my sanity savers:

1. Go the alcohol store and stock up on your favorites! (don’t judge – my boys like me better when I have a smile on my face)


2. Go through the pantry and fridge and check to see what you already have and them make a list of what you need – be sure to have all the basics such as bread, milk, eggs, juice, etc. I have two teen boys so that is a big list for me! You will want to think about snacks as well – do you like to bake treats? how about popcorn and hot chocolate? I also like to make sure that I have the ingredients to make Belgian waffles, pancakes, bacon and sausage. Make sure to have options for  lunch and dinner as well, think about quick and easy. 

3. Keep the meals quick and easy! 

  • In the morning I like to make a big batch of waffles or pancakes and then a side of bacon or sausage and then I just keep them covered and make a buffet style set up along with the fixings for hot chocolate, marshmallows, whipped cream, syrup and I have it all set up for when they wake up (my boys all sleep in until all different hours but basically anywhere between 10 and 1) 
  • For lunch I leave that up to them to take care!
  • For dinner last night I went to the freezer and took out a white chicken chili and a chicken tortilla soup and put them into crock pots on warm and let them sit out on the counter and again made sure that I had sides to go with all my picky eaters, such as sour cream, cheese, tortillas and chips. There are leftovers that they can have. Tonight’s dinner I prepared after I finished breakfast and that is a turkey breast that I put in the crock pot. All I will have to do is make the sides. So think about simple, and think about left overs. Tomorrow night we will have what I call left over buffet night and we will use up all the leftovers. I also made a batch of cookies which lasted about 10 minutes and a gallon of milk. So I guess (twisting my arm) I will make another batch today.


4. Make sure you have sleds or anything that will make them enjoy playing in the snow! 

5. Inventory the outerwear! Make sure you have enough coats, hats, mittens, scarves, boots and snow pants if needed!

6. You will want to set up an area, since winter coats, hats, boots are not a daily occurrence these are items that I have to get out, and I create an area that allows them to bring all the wet clothes and hang to dry and change. You will also want to make sure to leave out enough mittens and hats that they can change out as needed or else throw them in the dryer, I prefer to hang and dry and reuse until the snow event is over then I wash everything and put back into storage. I also leave a towel that I can mop up the wet floor. I try my best to keep the mess contained as best as possible and since I really only have one that plays in the snow anymore it is much easier when they were all out in it I had to use my whole dining room ha!

7. I have to remind myself that the snow days are for creating memories and not being upset that I am constantly having to rearrange my schedule. 

Enjoy the snow!