What does Valentine’s Day mean to me?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I don’t believe that this is just another Hallmark Holiday. I believe we have holidays like this to make us stop from our busy stressed out lives and make a point of letting someone know you love them.

In my opinion or just my two sense as I say, Valentine’s Day does not have to be all about couples. It should be a day to let someone you know that you care about them. I am not a material person so I do not get caught up in the “gifts” that surround this day because to me they do not represent what love is. Showing your love does not come in a box of chocolate or from a jewelry store. Love comes from actions. It is being with someone. Doing something nice for someone. It is always being there through the good AND the bad.

So, how did I get to have this point of view? Well I can thank my hubby! Because, well, he had me at brownies…you can read all about that here: https://michellemorton.wordpress.com/2011/02/12/happy-valentines-day-from-my-heart-to-yours/

Valentine’s Day for me is a time for my family to show each other that we love each other. You see cards are not my thing either. I would prefer to get a hand written note. Why? because, well when I was going through a divorce many many years ago you see the person whom I was married to had gotten me this beautiful birthday card (my birthday is in June) and then just two short months later he left me. So, I realized after my first marriage that my marriage was based on material things. Things that meant nothing. On the outside looking in you could say it was “ideal” As in, I got flowers for everything! I got jewelry for everything! You get the idea…I was given all sorts of “things” over the years but what I was really missing was a marriage. We did not have that. So when I met my current husband, I knew from the start that I wanted my relationship with him to be different. To be real. To be void of the material things. I felt that I was given all those nice things out of obligation, not because they meant something to him to give them to me. So when I realized my husband was simple, and real and wanted the same things well I knew I had found true love! He used to send me letters when we were dating, he would write me messages in the bathroom after taking a shower by writing it on the mirror for me when I woke up and yes, this was AFTER we were married and had children.

We would write our own Valentine’s to each other. We wrote our own anniversary letters to each other. In fact I have one of the notes he wrote me on my desk. It stays there every day so I can look at it and remind myself of the good during the bad days.

And with my boys, well I started the note tradition with them as well. Yes, I am the mom who not only writes love letters to her husband but I write them to my sons. I also have my sons write each other Valentine’s, birthday cards, cards of encouragement. I have shown them to use their own words. I want them to learn to express themselves because well with boys it is hard. I want them to learn to appreciate each other. We do not take them to the store to buy cards – they make their own cards on construction paper. I don’t care what they say, or what they make. That has always been my thing. It just has to be their words.

I honestly did not realize what I was truly doing with them and the bond that I was creating between until recently. All the seeds that I have planted (not in all areas haha) and have been watering are growing on their own! Now, would they sit down and write each other notes all on their own? no! Do they think it is a little silly? yes. I don’t care though. When they move out and are on their own well then they can go buy a cheesy card but for now I am teaching them something far greater than they could ever buy in a store.

And the best part is saving these letters! They are the best thing to go back and read! I love getting out their memory boxes and reading them. They are such a treasured gift.

I read this story today about a man who wrote his wife a love letter ever day! Truly amazing! http://time.com/3708658/valentines-day-love-letter-40-years-bill-bresnan/

So on Valentine’s Day don’t focus on what the media says today should be. Make it about what you want it to be. If you fall to the hype then yes, it is just another Hallmark Holiday in my opinion. Choose to share your love with someone who may need you. There are so many things to make today about “love” instead of “things”.

So that is just my two sense but it is from my heart!

Happy Hearts day!