Moms’ Night Out Movie Review



“Life is about finding the  meaning, and the joy and the purpose in all the chaos” quote from Patricia Heaton

Last week my husband and I went to a free screening of a new movie hitting theaters on Mother’s Day weekend.  Moms’ Night Out.

 Watch this quick video that talks about the heart of the movie:

I don’t want to give too much away but what I can tell you is that IT WILL resonate with YOU! No matter where you are on your parenting journey. Even if you are not a mom, take your mom. This movie will resonate with so many, including husbands/Dads. Why? Because it is real. By real, I mean, Sarah Drew will reach into your heart and make you feel as if you are her. I have never watched a movie that touched me the way this movie did. I have to be honest this is not at all what I thought the movie would be about. I honestly thought I was going to watch the wives version of Hall Pass. This was not the case. It was refreshing. Why? There was no sex, no swearing, no drugs, no alcohol. Sarah Drew represents every woman out there. We are all struggling within ourselves and she brings this to the big screen in a very real way. You will laugh and you WILL cry. It is faith-based but not in the shove religion down your throat kind of way. It was just the right amount. The real kind.

 Here is a funny scene that is so me! 


 (come on you know you have done it too! and you know you laughed!)

My favorite scene is a conversation between Sarah Drew and Trace Adkins. I bawled my eyes out. The overall message in the movie is that YOU (yes, you and you and you and me and everyone else) are enough.

 I know that as a mom I struggle with am I enough? Am I doing it right? Am I screwing up my kids? We often feel like we are in this alone. We want someone to validate what we are doing. We want our husbands to understand and in this movie, he does. He wants her to be happy. He believes in her. Most importantly, we have to believe in ourselves.Image


I was so appreciative to have had the opportunity to have been invited to see the special screening because my parenting journey right now is very challenging. I instantly resonated with Sarah Drew as she is a mom who wants to blog but feels like she has nothing to say. She doesn’t understand all of her feelings that she experiences on a day-to-day basis. As moms we tell our children that everything is going to be ok, but at the end of the day who tells us that everything will be ok?

  Here is the official trailer: 

Mark your calendars and take the whole family! Yes, the whole family. This is actually a movie that you can watch as a family and not have to worry about anything your kids will see. If you want to see this with your girlfriends or just your husband, or even go watch it alone. This movie is going to be the start of something great. If we want to see more movies like this then spread the word. 



The Social Media Deception!


Social Media can cause us to compare our lives with others. It can be easy to get caught up with what someone else is doing instead of our own life. 

Social media deceives us into thinking whatever we want to think about someone else. This is what I call social media deception.  If we share pictures of our family, it is assumed we are perfect. If we share personal challenges, then we are Debby downers. If you share too much, then you are an “over sharer.” Basically, no matter what you do you can’t win. The only way to win is to be you!  If you want to share with the world your life then so be it! Obviously you are not the only one because social media was created for this purpose correct? Yet, we continue to judge others based on what they share. Don’t sit there and shake your head and say you don’t because you do. We all do. Pay attention to yourself and how you respond to what your peeps post. What do you say to yourself when you see their updates?

Just because someone is always posting the good stuff does NOT mean that they are trying to portray that they have a perfect life. MAYBE they just want to share the good stuff and focus on that. Is that wrong? Does that mean they are perfect? They just choose not to air their dirty laundry! No one really wants to share their dirty laundry (unless we are talking about laundry as in dirty clothing then please by all means I will share mine!) There’s that old saying that what goes on behind closed doors stays behind closed doors. Maybe social media is the only escape that they have and so they use that as a vehicle to stay positive.

The opposite is true as well, just because someone shares challenges does not mean they are a negative person. MAYBE it is because social media allows us an outlet to be able to reach out to others that never existed before. It allows us to reach people who are going through similar challenges and even form online forums and support groups. They may not have someone in their life or a form of support system, now I am not saying that social media should be a form of therapy or way to be mean to others.


I would love to hear your thoughts on sharing and social media and how it affects you?

What I learned in 2013 and who I want to be in 2014!



I am not a New Year’s resolution type of person. I like to make goals, do vision boards and dream the bigger picture! One of the ways that I can achieve success is to start with me! This new idea came about during holiday break. The Fall seemed to be full of unexpected challenges ( I felt this way last year as well, so hello turn on the light Michelle) so by the time December rolled around I was ready for some down time. During the holidays we travel back home, which is upstate New York. We are usually there for 7-10 days. This is usually when I get some down time because I am away from my home and all my “projects”. It was getting down to the wire and I still had a lot of shopping to do along with well everything else. Then insert oldest son getting the flu days before we are supposed to leave. Now by this point, all 3 of my boys had taken turns getting sick prior to this including myself for 3 weeks (again Hello Michelle, are you listening to your body?). So that was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me and I made the decision that we were not going to travel this year. It was very hard for me but my body was telling me not to do it.

As hard as it was not being with family it was the best decision. We ended up having a quiet and relaxing holiday break with our boys. We very rarely get moments like this as all 3 of our boys play year round baseball which means the season starts about February and ends just before Thanksgiving – and then we spend a few weeks doing all the holiday stuff! So this was nice! There was nothing! I mean nothing on my calendar as I was not supposed to be here! I quickly realized how much I needed this down time. It felt great! I watched a lot of movies, even took naps ( I never nap unless I am sick) ate and spent A LOT of time reflecting on the past twelve months and how I wanted the next twelve months to go. What did I like? What did I want to change? What did I learn? And so here I am sharing my thoughts with you!

My overall change in all areas of my life is to simplify! I am a pretty simple person (hubby might not agree with that statement) so I like to keep things simple.  I am always looking for ways to simplify and for me simplify means back to the basics. The systems that I had in place were not working for me so it is time evaluate and improve! This is a new concept for me this year so bear with me.



  1. I learned that I do not like cutting coupons, sorting them and filing them away. I have gotten real slack in that area in that I keep them in a pile in the kitchen drawer and pull them out when needed. This was not effective.  I will be looking into a system to really simplify my system.
  2. My family needs to eat better.  This is something that I have wanted to do for some time and we start out doing well and then boom! Baseball season starts and we find ourselves getting take out, eating out, and well, blowing our food budget. This time my hubby wants to make the change too and so we are going to work on changing our eating habits.
  3. I do not like to meal plan. I spend time putting things together (hence the above statement trying to eat better) only to have my household complain. Trying to find the happy medium because what my kids want to eat hubby and I are trying not to and what we want to eat they don’t like. I have never really been a boxed, prepackaged, out of the can person anyway, but I also don’t cook from scratch. I am somewhere in the middle.  I want to simplify the meal planning process and actually stick to the meal plan once I do. I am famous for “oh, I don’t feel like that tonight so let’s have something else” (aka take out!). Which leads to the next area…
  4. I am not good at sticking to a budget. (aka Food Budget) My goal is to research different methods and find one that seems to make sense for me and actually stick to it! I have been trying to conquer this one for years.



Now, for the more personal side:


  1. I want to focus more of my energy into being grateful and sharing with others.
  2. I want to teach my boys how to give back by doing different activities with them to show them and let them experience it
  3. I want to take more unscheduled down time and I recommend you do it too!
  4. I learned that I have anxiety that I had not had prior to raising teens
  5. I learned that no one can prepare you for the roller coaster ride that you are going to take with your teens
  6. I learned that you don’t have to let your children fail in order for them to learn. I had no idea how hard it would be to watch them make life altering mistakes that will affect them and their future.I learned that I  need to stop trying to do it all and ask for help
  7. I am continuing to learn to complain less and be thankful for the little things that we all take for granted
  8. I have learned so much about the importance of having a positive mind set by daily conversations that I have with my childhood best friend who is battling stage IV brain cancer. I am so proud of her. It has been three years since she was diagnosed, so she is beating the odds every day! If she can I can!
  9. I learned that I am good at helping others and seeing the bigger picture for them but I get lost looking at my own
  10. I learned that I don’t have all the time in the world and all those “projects” that I thought I had time to do with the boys before leaving home well, it comes a lot faster than you think. I can’t go back and start over so I have to learn to let that go but what I can do is focus on not letting time go by without doing some of those bucket list items!
  11. I’ve learned a lot about myself and what I want to do by doing a lot of digging deep and really asking myself over and over what it is that  I really want to do and what do I need to do to accomplish this?

So, what did you learn about yourself and who do you want to be in 2014?




7 Snow Day Sanity Savers


I live in the south so snow days are like winning the lottery for my boys! My husband and I both grew up in upstate New York as in the Adirondacks and snow days for us did not come as easy as they do for our boys! You just mention the word and schools close. 

I don’t mind snow days ONCE in a while (LOL!) I have three boys, two of them are in high school and follow the traditional school calendar and my youngest is in his last year of elementary and he is on year round calendar, which means he is in school for 9 weeks and then gets three weeks off. We are used to year round schedule as they have been doing it for 7 years now. The downside to having two different school calendars is that it seems like my boys are never in school! Like this year for example, they were all on Christmas break at the same time. Then they all went back to school at the same time. Then just a couple of weeks after that my older two had finals for their first semester classes – they do block scheduling here at the High School so it is like following college classes – so during finals they only went for two half days which were on a Monday and Tuesday so then they were off from Wednesday to the following Wednesday which meant my teens were home for almost a week! Then their first day back they had a 2 hour delay because of the cold. My youngest son is still in school at this time but he stayed home as he was not feeling well. Then he went back to school for one day and then started his three week track out. Then this week he is still tracked out but the older two had a snow day the other day and again today and who knows about tomorrow! What I can tell you is that it almost feels like summer vacation but without all the nice weather.

In the South we do prepare for these so called “snow storms” because you never know what will happen which means even if there is only 2 inches on the ground, you might not be able to drive anywhere because they do not take care of the roads here and I worry about the drivers who have no experience driving in snow and if you live in the north you know what I mean. So it is best to stay put if you can. So I like to prepare myself for “worst case scenario” with a little less “worst” in that scenario.

Here are some of my sanity savers:

1. Go the alcohol store and stock up on your favorites! (don’t judge – my boys like me better when I have a smile on my face)


2. Go through the pantry and fridge and check to see what you already have and them make a list of what you need – be sure to have all the basics such as bread, milk, eggs, juice, etc. I have two teen boys so that is a big list for me! You will want to think about snacks as well – do you like to bake treats? how about popcorn and hot chocolate? I also like to make sure that I have the ingredients to make Belgian waffles, pancakes, bacon and sausage. Make sure to have options for  lunch and dinner as well, think about quick and easy. 

3. Keep the meals quick and easy! 

  • In the morning I like to make a big batch of waffles or pancakes and then a side of bacon or sausage and then I just keep them covered and make a buffet style set up along with the fixings for hot chocolate, marshmallows, whipped cream, syrup and I have it all set up for when they wake up (my boys all sleep in until all different hours but basically anywhere between 10 and 1) 
  • For lunch I leave that up to them to take care!
  • For dinner last night I went to the freezer and took out a white chicken chili and a chicken tortilla soup and put them into crock pots on warm and let them sit out on the counter and again made sure that I had sides to go with all my picky eaters, such as sour cream, cheese, tortillas and chips. There are leftovers that they can have. Tonight’s dinner I prepared after I finished breakfast and that is a turkey breast that I put in the crock pot. All I will have to do is make the sides. So think about simple, and think about left overs. Tomorrow night we will have what I call left over buffet night and we will use up all the leftovers. I also made a batch of cookies which lasted about 10 minutes and a gallon of milk. So I guess (twisting my arm) I will make another batch today.


4. Make sure you have sleds or anything that will make them enjoy playing in the snow! 

5. Inventory the outerwear! Make sure you have enough coats, hats, mittens, scarves, boots and snow pants if needed!

6. You will want to set up an area, since winter coats, hats, boots are not a daily occurrence these are items that I have to get out, and I create an area that allows them to bring all the wet clothes and hang to dry and change. You will also want to make sure to leave out enough mittens and hats that they can change out as needed or else throw them in the dryer, I prefer to hang and dry and reuse until the snow event is over then I wash everything and put back into storage. I also leave a towel that I can mop up the wet floor. I try my best to keep the mess contained as best as possible and since I really only have one that plays in the snow anymore it is much easier when they were all out in it I had to use my whole dining room ha!

7. I have to remind myself that the snow days are for creating memories and not being upset that I am constantly having to rearrange my schedule. 

Enjoy the snow!






5 Simple tips on how to plan NOW for next year!

5 Simple tips on how to plan NOW for next year!

You are probably thinking “How am I supposed to think about next year’s holidays now, much less make a plan” I don’t even know what I am doing tomorrow much less months from now! Well, most of just get by and then the season is over and we rinse and repeat next year. We don’t actually stop to think about what we really want the holidays to be.  We all know that the holidays are a time when we are “supposed” to be focused on what we are thankful for and ways that we can give to others. Now, I am not implying that we don’t enjoy it, but we tend to focus on everything that comes along with the holidays, such as the cooking, the shopping, the cleaning, the wrapping, the house guests, the in-laws. Oh, and let’s not forget the children who were bouncing off the walls with excitement from sugar over load or in my case, I have two teens who decided the holiday break was a good time to “test” the rules! Our everyday tasks don’t go away just because it’s the holidays.  It’s easy to become overwhelmed and before we know it we are stressed and not enjoying the season.  How many of you have told yourself “this is going to be the year that I get it all done. “  How many of us actually get it all done?

A simple way to alleviate some of the madness is to make a plan! This is the perfect time to do it because once the holidays are still fresh in our minds. Then all too soon it’s next year again and it starts all over.  Sounds simple but most of us don’t think about making an actual plan ahead of time.  So, before we forget and we find ourselves feeling the same next year, take some time now to make your plan.

Let’s start with some questions that we can ask ourselves.  I want you to be honest with yourself – not me, but yourself.  Did you enjoy the holidays?  Were you stressed?  Were you always feeling like there wasn’t enough time to get it all done? Did you travel? Did you want to travel? Did you have house guests? Did you want house guests? Some of us get caught up in the Norman Rockefeller images and set unrealistic expectations about the holidays; I don’t want you to do that either. It’s easy to think we can do it all and before we know it the season is over and we are left feeling like, wow, what happened? So, how can we make a plan?

You are going to create some lists so you will need paper and something to write with or you can even create a document on your computer.

1.Create a stress list: Write down everything that is caused you to feel stressed.   Look at this exercise as a way to vent and remember you are the only person who will see this list, so don’t worry about what you write.

Stress List

Stress List

2.Create a wish list: This list is everything that you WANT to do ~ don’t worry about what you have to do ~ think about what the holidays mean to you. What are your traditions? Is there something new that you would like to do? Involve your family, kids are honest about what they like and don’t. Make the time to ask them and listen. They may want to do things that you haven’t thought of or maybe there is something that you think they enjoy when they really don’t. You might have to come to a compromise on what mom wants and what they want but remember what’s important to you.
Wish List

Wish List

3.Compare your lists: How much of what is causing you stress is on your wish list? What can you remove from your stress list? Go ahead and cross them off! Yes, there are always going to be some things that cause stress that we can’t take off our list because as much as we all want that  picture perfect holiday and no matter how much planning we do, there will always be some form of stress. You have to decide what you are going to change?  Don’t spend the season trying to make everyone else happy! This can be hard to do especially when it comes to family and all the expectations that everyone has. Sometimes we have let go of the expectations and focus on ourselves and what is best for our situation. If you are spending the season miserable is that really fair to you?
4.Make the plan: This list is going to help you navigate the holiday season! In order to create this list you are going to take your wish list and decide what things you are going to do during the Holidays. I have a list called “Holiday Traditions”. On this list next to each task make notes of what you will need, or anything that will help you accomplish the task. When we are in the midst of chaos we don’t always think or see clearly so any notes that you can make to help, you will be happy you did!
Holiday Traditions

Holiday Traditions

5.Schedule: Get out your calendar (you do have one right? If not, I want you to run, DO NOT WALK, and get one!) I want you to actually “schedule” a time at the beginning of the season (I usually do this the end of September/beginning of October because my list includes Halloween through the New Year) where you can schedule a time to plan out the holiday season using the document that you created as a guide.

 Now, doesn’t that feel great to have a plan all set and ready to go? I hope you will share with me what you thought of this little exercise and I would love to hear from you after next year’s Holidays to see if the plan helped you or not.


Enjoy YOUR day!


Holiday Traditions – Out with the old in with the new!

Learning to create new traditions while keeping some of the old ones!


We all have our own traditions. What does tradition mean to you?  To me, it means spending time together as a family to celebrate the season.  I have three boys ages 18, 14 and 10. When they were younger the traditions were different. As they have grown the traditions change. It doesn’t matter what we do as long as we do it together. This year I found myself trying to hold onto the past while trying to enjoy the present. (pun intended ha!) Having an 18 year old and our youngest being 10 means it’s not always easy to find a happy medium.  With our oldest being in his senior year of high school sometimes I find myself feeling like this could be the end of our journey with him being at home to share in the everyday life. And with our youngest we’re not sure if he still believes in Santa or not and if he does will this be the last year. We don’t ask our boys if they believe or not. They have never asked us if Santa is real, but they did tell us that they know we are Santa. Our response has always been if you believe then that is all that matters because there is nothing wrong with believing in the magic!  For the longest time we used to joke that our oldest was going to go to college still believing. Ha! They have always been great about not telling their younger brother and allowing him to believe. This season I have felt that this could be the last of “Santa”, which make me sad.  I have enjoyed making the holidays “magical” for my boys.  So, instead of focusing on the past I am focusing on creating new traditions.

I always make the time for our traditions. It is easy to get caught up in all that we have to do during the holiday season and before you know it the holidays are over and we didn’t get to do the things that matter the most.  I make sure that our family traditions are scheduled first and if that means we say no to a holiday party or another event, then we do. Time with my boys is what is the most important because you never get this time back.

Our traditions:

Decorate the tree. This is mandatory.  They each have their own box of ornaments that have been given to them by us and other family members. When my oldest was first born he of course was given his first Christmas ornaments. I started the tradition of getting a Hallmark Ornament with the year on it and then I would write on the box that it came in so that they would always have them.  We have also given them other personalized ornaments that are not from the Hallmark Collection. Our family tree is filled with ornaments that they have made themselves and then ornaments that have been given to them . This tradition is my favorite. I love listening to them talk about the ornaments as they hang them on the tree. I love listening to them talk about their own memories as they decorate. It is the highlight of the season.


Write their wish list. They still write a wish list. They can put whatever they want on it but when it is time to write their letters to Santa they can only choose their top three gifts that they would like Santa to bring. This teaches them that just because it is on a list does not mean they will always get what they want. There is nothing wrong with wishing for things. It also helps them think about what is really important to them without having to tell them you aren’t going to get everything on your list. Yes, they still ALL write letters to Santa. I save those letters and they go in a scrapbook.  I enjoy looking back and reading them.


Count down calendar. I started the calendar when they were younger. Our calendar has candy canes that you pull out each day as you count down. A couple years ago, I did try something new and instead of just pulling a candy cane, there was a little note attached that had an activity to do such as eat breakfast for dinner, movie night, eat dessert first. The boys have always enjoyed that until this year. Again, no one pulled a single candy cane, not one!  Next year instead of doing a countdown calendar we are going to do random acts of kindness for the 24 days. I am looking forward to it. It will be nice to share in teaching them how to give and think of others and not just themselves. I think this will become a family tradition for years to come as it really isn’t something that you can outgrow.


Elf.  Not the Elf on the shelf as we know it now. My mother-in-law shared with me a tradition that she did.  Every year on Thanksgiving after Santa arrived during the parade, “elf” would arrive. You never saw the elf.  He would come and stay until Christmas Eve. He was there to watch and make sure that you were being good and if you were, he would leave you a little treat (usually a Hershey kiss) that you would find when you woke up. If they had been bad that day then he would leave nothing. I started the tradition when our oldest was 4 and have been doing it every year since. That is until a couple of years ago when “Elf on the Shelf” came to be. I thought it would be cute to have an actual elf. So we welcomed our Elf who our youngest named D.J. after Derek Jeter!  Did I mention that I have three boys who play year round baseball?  Ha! We let our youngest name him as it was really a new tradition to an existing tradition but it was something a little different for our youngest as our older two boys no longer believed in Santa. At first it was fun to move him around the house and have them wake up wondering where he was going to be, but after time it wore off on my husband and I. It was so much easier when we couldn’t see our elf as we didn’t have to worry about moving him before we went to bed! As no one wants to wake up to have your child asking you why Elf never moved!  It happened more times than I care to count.  I do “believe” that this will be the last year that Elf will be coming back. I don’t even think our youngest even knew he was in the house – he came and went without any mention of him!


Bake Cookies. Now this is something that I do miss. When they were younger they loved to decorate the cookies and well, today they just like to eat them.  They don’t enjoy baking or any part of decorating so what I have done the past several years is let them each pick a cookie and that is what I make for them. I leave it up to them whether they want to bake with me.


Picture with Santa. That tradition came to a screeching hault years ago because our youngest would never sit on Santa’s lap. He was afraid of Santa, the Easter Bunny and any other costumed character. He was like that for years. I do have a few “Santa” pictures with all three but not many.


Gifts. We started several years ago a tradition that we take the boys shopping so they can get a gift for each other. Each boy has to buy a gift for each brother. It is fun to see how they do it and what they choose. They then have to wrap the gifts. On Christmas Eve they get to exchange them. 


Dinner and Lights. We like to take the boys out to dinner and then go look at lights. When we lived in Virginia, we would take them to a drive though light show. It was so much fun. We would put them in their pj’s and off we would go! We now live in North Carolina and here they don’t have anything like that so we compromise by trying to find different places to look at lights. This year we went to

Food Pantry. We always donate to a food pantry whether the school is collecting items or your local store. During the Buy One Get One Free Sales I like to put some of those items to the side and that is what I donate. It doesn’t cost much extra to do it this way and over time you can build a nice little stash that you can feel good knowing it is going to help someone.


As we say good-bye to some of our “younger” traditions we will be making new ones.  Instead of focusing on ourselves we are going to focus on giving by doing acts of kindness. We all want our children to be kind, giving, thoughtful people and it is easy to tell them that they should do these things but they will truly never understand how meaningful it is to give until they experience it for themselves. I want to be a good role model by showing mine.

Our new traditions that we are going to do in addition to our existing ones:

Serve Thanksgiving dinner to those less fortunate. I waited too long this year to get on a volunteer list. Everything was already full. Next year, I look forward to participating in sharing a new tradition with my boys. We do not have family nearby so we aren’t always with family at Thanksgiving . I think it would be a great experience for all of us to spend the day helping others.



Blessing Bags.  I saw this idea online and fell in love with this idea! These bags are for the homeless that we see on the streets. I hate seeing them standing there holding a sign for money, food or anything. In these bags you can put whatever it is that you want, they are just big zip loc bags filled with necessity type of items that are kept in your car. You hand them out when the situation arises. This is an easy way to feel good about helping someone.  We will be putting these together over our Holiday Break. We were supposed to have done these over Thanksgiving but I had gotten sick and was not up to it.


How I clean baseball pants!

I have been washing baseball pants for several years! I have three boys and the oldest being 17 and they all play year round baseball. That means many hours spent trying to get white baseball pants white! This year I said I was going to find a better way to get those pants clean.

I was sitting at a game (shocker, I know!) and asked one of the moms, “why is your son’s pants so white?” like I just got my teeth whitened white? and she said “Fels-naptha” and I said “come again?”
She said it’s a bar of soap that you can get at Walmart for .97. I said “are you kidding?” She said “no”!

The very next day I went to Walmart and bought my soap! For.97 I will try anything. – Here is what it looks like:

I came home and tried it out. I fell in love because it was so easy and it smells so good!

Here is what the pants look like after they take them off and throw them in the laundry room. I am sharing both white and grey pants as I have to wash both. At any given time I have baseball pants “soaking” It feels like the clutter rule – one in one out!

grey before
white before

I washed them without any stain treatment so you would understand why I can’t just wash them. Washing them doesn’t even touch the Carolina red clay! This is what they look like after washing with no stain removal.

grey after wash
white after wash

Next I use the soap. This is what they look like with the soap on them – I let them “sit” for a few hours and then throw them in the wash!

grey soaking
white soaking

This is the finished product! NICE!

grey after
white after

The soap is great for getting the stains out without having to scrub.

Now, when my boys come home covered head to toe in red clay you have to get out the big guns, and for that I recommend using Iron Out. I purchased mine at Walmart (found in the plumbing aisle) This is not for the faint of heart. The fumes will burn all your nose hair! But hey, you will have white baseball pants!

pants before iron out
What I do is have them take their uniform off and I wash it just to get the first layer off otherwise what I have found when soaking pants while the clay is still on there is that you end up with a “muck” color. After I wash them once I then let them soak in Iron Out. The directions say soak for 5 minutes but I usually do a couple of hours depending on how bad the “muck” is.

Iron Out is what gets the pants back to “white”. If you have found a better solution or one that is less work I would love for you to share!

pants after iron out