Turn back your clock and change your filters!

As I continue to work on my fall cleaning/projects one of the items on my list is to change the air filters.

It’s also that time of year when we turn our clocks back. I like to take time in the fall to get ready for the winter months. We have not had to turn on our heat yet but in the next couple of weeks I am sure we will. I always like to start out the new season (heating/cooling) with clean air filters. Yes, we change our filters more than just twice a year but during the change of seasons I like to do more than just change the filters. I take out the old filter (usually dirty and gross) I clean around the vents with hot water and cleaning rag, you can also use a vacuum.


I take the grates off and clean those with hot water. I clean them in the bath tub as it makes it easy to run the hot water over them and clean them on both sides. Then I let them air dry.

I take a sharpie and write the date on the new filter before placing it back in the vent area. I also like to make an appointment with myself to change the filters again. That appointment goes right in my calendar. I like to use an online calendar especially for appointments like this that are recurring so I don’t have to keep writing it.

Thanks for following along with me. I know that this is not breaking news and nothing new, I just thought you might like to see how I keep up with cleaning and household projects all year-long.

What project are you working on?


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