The Social Media Deception!


Social Media can cause us to compare our lives with others. It can be easy to get caught up with what someone else is doing instead of our own life. 

Social media deceives us into thinking whatever we want to think about someone else. This is what I call social media deception.  If we share pictures of our family, it is assumed we are perfect. If we share personal challenges, then we are Debby downers. If you share too much, then you are an “over sharer.” Basically, no matter what you do you can’t win. The only way to win is to be you!  If you want to share with the world your life then so be it! Obviously you are not the only one because social media was created for this purpose correct? Yet, we continue to judge others based on what they share. Don’t sit there and shake your head and say you don’t because you do. We all do. Pay attention to yourself and how you respond to what your peeps post. What do you say to yourself when you see their updates?

Just because someone is always posting the good stuff does NOT mean that they are trying to portray that they have a perfect life. MAYBE they just want to share the good stuff and focus on that. Is that wrong? Does that mean they are perfect? They just choose not to air their dirty laundry! No one really wants to share their dirty laundry (unless we are talking about laundry as in dirty clothing then please by all means I will share mine!) There’s that old saying that what goes on behind closed doors stays behind closed doors. Maybe social media is the only escape that they have and so they use that as a vehicle to stay positive.

The opposite is true as well, just because someone shares challenges does not mean they are a negative person. MAYBE it is because social media allows us an outlet to be able to reach out to others that never existed before. It allows us to reach people who are going through similar challenges and even form online forums and support groups. They may not have someone in their life or a form of support system, now I am not saying that social media should be a form of therapy or way to be mean to others.


I would love to hear your thoughts on sharing and social media and how it affects you?

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