We touched our Elf!

Do you have “Elf on the Shelf” in your home? We do! We did not make it through the first day without touching him! Yup!
Elf brought breakfast for the boys. He was sitting on the table waiting for them to wake up. He even left a trail of peppermint kisses!
elf arrival

Elf Breakfast

After breakfast we were cleaning up and without thinking I moved Elf! My youngest looked at me and everyone was like you are not supposed to touch him! I had completely forgotten that part! Major mom fail.

So Elf lay there on the table the rest of the day. During dinner we carefully ate around him.
Then as the boys were cleaning up the kitchen my oldest moved Elf – yes, that is twice in one day! Well by that point my youngest said well I guess he has no more magic powers and my middle son showed him the book where it says he “might” lose his powers.

I then proceeded to google what to do when you touch your Elf as I remembered seeing posts on pinterest about it. I came across this information and decided that we would give it a try.
What to do when elf is touched

You have to take Elf and put him in the freezer over night and then take him out the next morning and put him back in the same spot.

So my youngest put him in the freezer and when he got up the next morning he went straight to the freezer and removed Elf!
elf in freezer

That was the magic trick because Elf got his magic powers back and is good to go!

Have you had a similar experience with your Elf? If so, what did you do?

Happy Holidays!


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