Simple ways to save money shopping

If you are like me, and always looking for easy ways to save money, whether it is on food, gas, clothing, school clothes, school supplies then you know that it can also be very overwhelming and time consuming. If you prepare and plan ahead your pocketbook will thank you later!
Here are a few examples of how I am saving based on my recent shopping trips.
1. Walgreens
1. Colgate sensitive toothpaste 4 oz $4.99 – $4.00 register reward = I paid .99
2. Dial body wash 16 oz. $3.99 – $3.00 reward = I paid .99
3. 2 Kellogg’s keebler cookies and 2 Rice krispie treats 4/$10 – $5 reward = 4/$5 and I used two $1.00 coupons – $2.00 = so in the end I paid 4/$3.00
And I earned $12 in register rewards so that is free money I can use on my next shopping trip!
2. Dicks
The dreaded sneaker shopping! This is always a pocketbook drainer! I had a $10 reward certificate and coupons to use so we started out there to see what their prices were~ All 3 of my boys wanted reezigs and I said I wasn’t going to pay those prices unless I can get a really good discount.
So I bought 4 pairs of sneakers and 1 pair of baseball pants (adult size) all for $204.90 after taxes.
Pair #1 was $56.99, Pair #2 was $64.99, Pair #3 was $74.98 and pair #4 was $39.99 and the pants were $24.99 so that is $262 rounded up before tax and I used $70 in coupons! So that made the sneakers more reasonable! When the boys were younger I did not invest in their shoes because they were always growing which they still are, but it does pay to buy a better quality shoe because they are so hard on them now so I do what I can to make them last a little longer!
3.Old Navy
Had a special on their jeans for $10 and for every 20$ you spent you earned $10 so I purchased 4 pairs of jeans @ $10 each and two boy t-shirts so my total came to $53.49 and then I used a coupon for 10$ off a $50 purchase so that brought my purchase down to 43.49 and I earned 20$ in super cash to use on my next purchase!
4. Walgreens (This wasn’t for school shopping but Hurricane Irene shopping!)
1. Duracell batteries on sale for $9.99 for 16 pack and if you purchase two packs you earned $5 in register reward so and I had two .75$ coupons = ($9.99 + $9.99 = $19.98 before tax – 5$ rewards = $14.98 before tax – $1.50 = $13.48 before tax for 32 batteries
2. Dawn dish soap (10.3 oz) on sale with in store coupon for .99 and I had 3 $.50 coupons so I bought 3 for $1.47 total before tax
3. Scrubbing bubble bathroom cleaner on sale 2/7$ and I used a $1 coupon = 2/6$
4. M&M’s 2 (11.4 oz) bags on sale 2/5$ and received $1.00 in register reward I had 2 $1 coupons so I paid 2$ for two bags
I used my $12 register rewards to pay for this shopping trip and I earned another $6.00 in register rewards!
I do a lot of shopping at Kohl’s as well, because they offer Kohl’s Cash. What this means is that for every $50 you spend you earn $10 Kohl’s Cash. I only shop the clearance racks when they are running Kohl’s cash. They are also always sending coupons. So on top of earning Kohl’s cash, I am always using an additional coupon to save even more. Since I am only shopping on the clearance racks you can get a lot for very little money. This is where I buy most of the boys t-shirts and shorts because they sell Adiddas and Nike and you can get some really great buys! I never pay full price for their athletic clothing. I will share an example the next time I shop there.
I also pay attention to the different drug stores that have pharmacies. They will run specials if you transfer a new or existing prescription and you will earn a gift card. Recently, I earned a $20 gift card to Harris Teeter for a script that I paid my $10 co-pay on. After paying my co-pay, I still had $10 worth of credit to spend on groceries for the boys.
Kerr Drugg was also running another special but they offered a $25 gift card. I paid $10 co-pay and earned $15.00!
So if you pay attention you can find some great deals.
I know it may sound a little confusing which is why I have tried to break it down but if you. Pay attention to the sales, cut your coupons, match your coupons up with the sales, and you can get some good deals especially when you earn register rewards on top of that!
If you would like to find out more on how I use coupons read here:
Happy Shopping!

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