Where is Michelle and what has she been up to?

My best friend was recently diagnosed with Stage IV Brain Cancer. It took my breath away when I heard those words on the phone in early March. She is my friend from childhood and we have been friends through thick and thin, you know that kind of friend? Well that is our friendship. After the shock of the news (it hasn’t completely worn off because it still does not seem real) I knew I had to do something. Now mind you, she lives in New York Sate and I in North Carolina so there are some miles between us but that wasn’t going to stop me. I knew the one thing that I could do to help was to do a fundraiser. The fact that I had never planned one or ever been involved with the planning of one wasn’t going to keep me from trying. So I reached out to another friend that was local and together we decided to do this. In the meantime I created a place where I could start collecting donations for those that would not be able to attend the fundraiser, the online site also allows me to help spread the word and reach people that we went to school with. So, I have been busy planning a fundraiser, seeking donations and planning a trip to NY so that I can spend some time with her taking her to her appointments. So I apologize for the slow start for this blog as I had intentions of being farther along than I am as I had to set aside some of my “stuff” so that I could focus on what was right in front of me at this given time which you can read more about what I have been doing.


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